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Topics for Discussion

We'd like to open a page specifically for discussion of recent topics. Discuss these topics or give us ideas for topics for the program. Names will not be mentioned on the show unless you sign your comments,

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Taking Care of Business

Every Friday we feature a different local business owner. Browse these shows for interviews with entrepreneurs of all different markets and niches.
Now featuring: Jeff Reynolds, Built in Boise

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In-Depth Answers

When we don't get a chance to answer a question fully on the air, or we get off topic, we will take this opportunity to do more research and get an answer published.

Our next topic: Investing to Be Happy

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Income Disparity: Is it a Problem?

Topic for Wednesday, February 25th’s show:  Income disparity.  Is it a problem or not?  If it is, how should it be addressed and who should be responsible for changes?  Comments will be used on Wednesday evening’s show. Article on CEOs pay Gap from Yahoo Finance Contributor, David Nelson: Why CEOs make over 300 times more

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For Our Listeners…

We welcome your feedback on any topic! You’ll need to use at least a first name and an email. We will not publish your information. Thanks for your participation! Please email if you have problems leaving a comment. All comments are moderated.